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Stephen Niezgoda, M.B.A.

Founder of SNA International

team-2Since 2004, Mr. Niezgoda has been a trusted advisor to the U.S. Government’s national security mission, including helping to define the policies, business processes, and technologies for applying biometrics to human identification. Prior to that, he assisted several public crime laboratories in successfully implementing Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), helping to improve overall cost-effectiveness and efficiency. He specializes in the strategic application of information technology to solve complex business, national security, and scientific problems.


  • FBI Director’s Award for Science and Technology, for his contributions to the national DNA database.
  • FBI’s Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM), Participant
    • He has been a part of SWGDAM and numerous other panels and working groups.
    • Guest Speaker at conferences throughout the world.
  • Hurricane Victim DNA Identification Expert Group, Participant
  • National Institute of Justice Kinship and Data Analysis Panel, World Trade Center Victim Identification Program, Participant
  • Lessons Learned from 9/11: DNA Identification in Mass Fatality Incidents, co-author.
  • Byte and Science, Contributor
    • Authored and co-authored numerous other articles in professional journals and magazines.

Career and Educational Background

  • Technical consultant, National Institute of Justice
    • Supported the multi-million dollar DNA backlog reduction programs for no-suspect forensic cases and the convicted offender outsourcing programs.
  • Program Manager, FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)
    • Led the construction and operation of the U.S. National DNA Database.
  • Masters of Business Administration, George Mason University
  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech

Resume available upon request.