Supporting COVID-19 Medicolegal Responses

Helping Medicolegal Offices Respond to COVID-19

SNA helps local, state, and federal agencies prepare for and respond to mass fatalities. We have an extensive network of forensic and medicolegal professionals to support your mission.

Experience that Matters

We augment your team with experienced, competency-tested professionals using a rapid deployment process that handles all logistics, management oversight, and on-the-ground support, including:

Staffing tailored to your specific needs

COVID-specific policies, procedures, and awareness training
before deploying to your mission

Medicolegal Team Leads with experience working with a variety of stakeholders, including National Guard, law enforcement, and other supporting agencies

Constant, clear communication with your organization

Transport, & Handling

Handle cases with dignity and care while maintaining accurate documentation, chain of custody, and confidentiality.

Medicolegal Investigations

Comprehensive context determinations, scene documentation, obtaining medical records, and liaison services.


On-the-ground qualified forensic professionals to provide administrative, management, and dispatch operations.

Experience that Matters

For nearly 20 years, SNA has supported mass fatality responses, including 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, California Camp Fire, and Hurricane Maria. Internationally, we have supported Afghanistan, Cyprus, Guatemala, Iraq, and Libya to name a few. Our teams have:

  • 27,000 hours conducting recovery and scene documentation
  • 42,700 hours interacting with the family members of victims
  • 430,000 hours performing postmortem and human identification operations

How to Work with SNA

Our forensic specialists will meet with you to discuss the scope of your agency’s needs. Together, we will identify the number and types of professionals you need to augment your medicolegal operations, and for how long.

We will create a custom proposal for your specific requirements, including the resumes and qualifications of key members for your team.

SNA’s available GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Special Item Numbers (SINS) to buy services through are 54151S, 541611, and 541715.