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Forensics has set the bar for accurate DNA collection and testing. The Human Genome Project, and the resulting ability to sequence patients’ DNA throughout their genome, has unlocked the mystery of how genes effect bodily functions. Putting these two powerful techniques together has revolutionized personalized medicine.

SNA International now offers DNA collection and testing for medical issues. Through a partnership with a clinical laboratory – one with an unparalleled track record of forensic and paternity testing – we are now able to provide innovative genetic testing to our clients.

Scientists are now able to identify specific genetic variations (specific gene traits) that cause individuals to metabolize, or process, various drugs at different rates. These individual genetic variations can cause major differences in how individuals react to certain drugs and dosages. Identifying a patient’s specific genetic ability to metabolize a drug enables the physician to offer the newest advances in science to his patients.

Using DNA testing to identify a patient’s specific genetic characteristics avoids drug dosage trial and error, facilitating an appropriate initial prescription – one which treats the patient’s condition effectively right from the start. It also prevents an increase in the severity and kind of side effects that can result from high or low metabolism. It avoids the possibility of months of wasted time during which the patient’s condition is not being effectively treated because of unknown metabolic differences.

This testing is:

  • Effective – The physician receives clinical guidance unique to each patient
  • Informative – The physician can quickly identify the appropriate medications and dosages for each patient
  • Non-Invasive – A painless cheek swab is the only sample needed
  • Fast – Results are faxed or available on-line for the physician typically within two to five business days.

Using predicative tests, patients are cured, or their condition is controlled, more quickly, and with fewer or less severe side effects. The result is better health with less treatment, cost, and discomfort.

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