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newsSNA International’s Mass Fatality Operational Response Plan Template

Participation in Two Virginia SBDC Programs

When a Mass Fatality Happens in Your Jursidiction, Will You Be Prepared?

AABB Guidelines for Mass Fatality DNA Identification Operations

Forensic DNA Profiling: A Valuable Tool for Human Identification
Spring 2009, Amanda C. Sozer

Personality Profile: Dr. Amanda Sozer: DNA Profiling as Public Service
March 2009, Kristi Guillory Reid, Old Town Crier From the Bay to Blue Ridge

Army Seeks DNA Samples from Families of MIA Soldiers
March 2008, American Forces Press Service

Enhancing accurate data collection in mass fatality kinship identifications: Lessons learned from Hurrican Katrina
September 2008, Forensic Science International: Genetics, Volume 2, Issue 4, Pages 354-362. S. Donkervoort, S. Dolan, M. Beckwith, T. Northrup, A. Sozer

Northern Virginia-Based DNA Consulting Firm Assists in the Rapid Deployment of a New Forensic Laboratory Serving the Citizens of St. Tammany Parish
September 24, 2007, SNA Press Release

ASHG: Recovering from Katrina
October 12, 2006, Erika Check Hayden, In the Field: The Nature reporters’ blog from conferences and events

Reuniting Families of Katrina and Rita – Louisiana Family Assistance Final Report
August 30, 2006, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

Hurricane Katrina Identification Efforts Transition to Coroners – Local law enforcement agencies to continue investigating missing person cases
July 18, 2006, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals

Lessons Learned from 9/11: DNA Identification in Mass Fatality Incidents
September 2006, President’s DNA Initiative

Genetics IDs Katrina Victims; Some Were Long Missing
May 11, 2006, Christopher Joyce, NPR

CROSS WESTCHESTER; A Genetics Assignment for Katrina Volunteers
March 26, 2006, Debra West, The New York Times

Still Missing After Katrina
March 21, 2006, Newshour with Jim Lehrer

DNA Testing: The Reality
February 1, 2006, Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees

Three months later, DNA test to start on Katrina bodies
December 6, 2005, CNN

DNA Identifications after the 9/11 World Trade Center Attack
November 18, 2005, Science

Choosing a Path
Summer 2003, Georgian

Just a Needle-Stick Away
November 9, 2000, The Nation, Jonathan Kimmelman

New DNA database extends the long arm of law enforcement
October 19, 1998, Government Computer News, Merry Mayer

Paternity Testing for Fun and Profit
August 3, 1997, The New York Times, Pam Belluck