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Mass Fatality Response Planning

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Worldwide Experts in Forensics and Human Identification

SNA International empowers organizations to achieve public confidence through optimal performance in their human identification and forensic initiatives.

By utilizing a team of highly-knowledgeable experts, SNA International creates innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions guaranteed to work in the real world. Our professionals have responded to more than 50 mass fatality, aviation fatality, and other incidents, and our forensic scientists have supported forensic operations at the local, state, and federal level.

Whether you are looking to improve forensic operations, planning for future mass fatality responses, or need to develop a complex identification project, SNA International will work with you to ensure increased operational efficiency and public satisfaction.

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Biometrics and Forensics

Led by highly respected members of the scientific community, we provide proven scientific expertise and ability to manage all elements of forensic science and biometric programs. Our clients regard us as a trusted partner and advisor as we provide end-to-end solutions that result in greater coordination, more efficient and effective operations, and a lower overall cost.

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Mass Fatality Response Planning

Mass fatalities are the worst type of disaster. Many jurisdictions have gaps in their mass fatality response planning. While many companies claim to have mass fatality response experience, no other company in the US can measure up to the experience and expertise of the SNA team. See for yourself how our experience translates into stress-free actionable plans, stimulating workshops and useful exercises.

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