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Philosophy and Mission

Our Philosophy

We believe that each client has unique challenges that require customized solutions provided by people who are knowledgeable and experienced.

SNA International is committed to delivering quality solutions in forensic science consulting, mass fatality planning and response and information technology tools. We understand each of our clients has distinct challenges that might impact their programs. These challenges can include local laws and regulations, budgetary considerations, accreditation requirements and public perception. Our team of experienced professionals makes client specifics and needs a priority and designs customized solutions to add value and exceed expectations.

Our customized approach may involve conducting management, quality, and throughput assessments; developing customized implementation strategies; performing risk analysis; anticipating potential barriers to success; and providing advice on implementation issues.

Our Mission

SNA’s mission is to provide exceptional consulting services by positioning our clients for operational efficiency and increased public satisfaction and confidence.

philosophy-and-missionWe know the importance of developing and maintaining accurate forensic operations to quickly identify potential suspects, exonerate persons wrongly accused and bring closure to victims’ families after mass fatalities. We understand from our experience with numerous mass fatalities that having an efficient response plan when disaster strikes enables a quick turnaround in identifying victims and ending the nightmare for their loved ones.

Our team uses their valuable experience in forensic science and cutting-edge technology to implement processes that will help our clients competently handle increased workload pressures. SNA’s process optimization techniques and stress-free on-site consultative services bring staff up-to-date with new forensic procedures, streamline and optimize operations, help laboratories achieve ISO certification and agencies develop operational mass fatality response plans. This has resulted in increased public and government confidence for our clients. Our extremely qualified consultants have used their experience and expertise to perfect SNA International’s approach for the utmost satisfaction and-absolute success of all our clients.

Our Recipe to Deliver Your Guaranteed Satisfaction

We have helped our clients successfully implement a variety of small to large programs. We apply our extensive hands-on experience at the private, local, state, federal and international levels to assist our clients in project development and enhancement. Get in touch with a SNA International expert if you are interested in learning more about our services.