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why-snaExpert forensic consultants can increase your laboratory’s capacity.

Technical and management excellence makes SNA International a recognized leader in the forensic industry. Our first-hand experience in DNA laboratory development, operations and program management gives us a unique understanding of processes that help laboratories work more efficiently.

Why should you choose SNA?

  • Experienced team: Our seasoned team members have years of experience working with forensic laboratories both nationally and internationally, including numerous accredited government laboratories. We have helped our clients reduce workload and achieve quick turn-around in solving crimes and identifying disaster victims.
  • Proven results: SNA International has a reputation for providing valuable end-to-end assistance to new and existing laboratories. We implement programs that eliminate time spent on re-work and increase capacity. Our expert consultants help laboratories maintain flawless forensic operations that boost employee morale and customer satisfaction.
  • Forensic and business process management expertise: Our unique approach to process mapping pairs forensic scientists with business process management experts, resulting in independent validation and verification. We provide our clients with a business partner who uses all available resources to ensure success.
  • Uniform approach: Our standardized processes and up-to-date tools enable us to map processes in a timely and accurate manner. Over the years we have developed a proven approach for improving laboratory processes and maintaining databases, streamlining laboratory operations while enhancing quality.

Our presence and our reputation as a leading forensic DNA company are important to us. We are committed to delivering quality forensic consulting services and mass fatality response programs. Quality technological solutions, like the Virtual Data Analysis System, have been used by multiple organizations to streamline their data review process.