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work team celebratingSNA International is looking for smart, collaborative individuals to join our team. SNA International’s team members all work together in pursuit of the same cause: to build a safe and just world by empowering organizations in the use of human identification and forensic science.

Our team shares the following values:

  • Trust – Always be trustworthy and seek to build trust with clients and coworkers.
  • Respect –Be respectful of clients and co-workers.
  • Add Value – Work to provide high quality, affordable, innovative, and effective services.
  • Responsiveness – Be responsive to the needs of our clients.
  • Self-Growth – Continuously grow individual knowledge and skills.
  • Positivity – Work to create a calm professional work community where growth, learning from mistakes, and embracing change are positively encouraged.
  • Loyalty – Actively work to maintain loyalty, productivity, privacy, and confidentiality with co-workers and our clients.
  • Responsibility – Use resources and time responsibly to enhance business and personal lives.

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