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Why Use SNA International for Your Mass Fatality Response Planning?

Mass fatalities can significantly change the management and overseeing responding agencies. Medical examiners, coroners, and other supporting local, as well as county and state organizations can be overwhelmed by the complexity and magnitude of work. SNA International has a team of professionals with both the expertise and experience that will reduce your response time and operational costs when a mass fatality occurs.

Experience Matters

Mass Fatality Response Planning - Why SNA 2Following their extensive participation in the 9/11 World Trade Centre and Hurricane Katrina victim identification work, the founders of SNA International realized the need to bring a group of experienced professionals together to help government organizations create and implement mass fatality response plans based on real-world experience. In 2006, SNA identified and brought together the best and the brightest individuals with end-to-end mass fatality experience in the disciplines of Family Assistance, Body Recovery, Morgue Operations and information technology. By building a comprehensive team of professionals with hands-on experience, SNA can now offer clients the experience and lessons learned from many different mass fatality responses. SNA has helped dozens of federal, state, and local jurisdictions with their mass fatality planning needs. You can see a list of our clients here.

The SNA approach to successful plan development

Mass fatality response planning addresses the operational set of procedures that need to be in place for a quick response to a tragic event. Our effective four-step approach includes:

  • Determining organizations needs
  • Developing a customized concept of operations
  • Creating appropriate procedures and templates
  • Providing training and exercises

Why choose SNA?

  • While other companies do general emergency planning, SNA focuses on Mass Fatality Response Planning
  • Extensive hands on experience for both small and large projects
  • Qualified and dedicated professional team
  • Expert ability to develop realistic and executable mass fatality response plans
  • Standardized approach to assessment and planning
  • Strict employment of industry best practices
  • Thoughtful planning, training and exercises which follow the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)
  • Ensures a level of preparedness that will result in positive after-action report for your organization
  • Addresses the needs of the stakeholders and incorporates lessons learned from previous mass fatality responses

How will you benefit?

  • Save time, money, and personnel resources
  • Provide a neutral forum for state agencies to define roles and responsibilities
  • Have well-defined goals, objectives and procedures for optimum response
  • Know points of failure and problem resolution
  • Understand needs and gaps between current and future capabilities including:
    • Management
    • Facilities and operations such as Family Assistance Center, field recovery and morgue operations
    • Information technology and equipment
    • Education and training
    • Human resource and budget
  • Identify additional support options

At SNA International, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver consistent, reliable solutions based on a time-proven methodology that places customer needs first. Our experience, coupled with our standardized approach to assessment and planning, will better position your organization to effectively respond to a mass fatality. Contact us for an  efficient response plan developed by SNA experts with varied and long-standing experience in the field.